• Wild Rose shampoos clean your hair effectively without drying or damaging your scalp.

  • They are 100% natural so you're not harming your body or the environment with nasty chemicals.

  • These shampoos will leave you feeling gorgeous with shiny, luscious hair that smells divine.

Made with

  • Pure castille soap, which is completely plant based and will clean your hair effectively without damaging your scalp like artificial detergents.

  • Rosemary and nettle infusions, great for nourishing the scalp and promoting healthy hair growth.

  • Vegetable glycerine locks in moisture to the hair, leaving it clean and shiny

  • Essential oils leave your hair smelling gorgeous.


Ingredients: Pure Castile Soap (made from olive oil); nettles; rosemary; spring water; organic cider vinegar; bicarbonate of soda; vegetable glycerine; essential oils.