Why use Rosehip Oil in skincare? Anti-aging and restorative hedgerow medicine

Rosehip Oil and Sloe Gin- here's some I made earlier

When it comes to anti ageing properties, rosehip oil is the best skincare you can get. In this post, I'll share my recipe for rosehip oil, plus exploring how you can take care of your skin this Autumn.

Rosehip oil skin benefits

There are so many benefits to this amazing oil. For everyone, and especially for mature skin.

Rosehip oil products

I make my own rosehip oil and use it in both my daycream and my nightcream. It's full of vitamins C and A which help to heal fine lines and wrinkles, and promote healthy cell growth. It moisturises and hydrates the skin, due to high fatty acid content and vitamin E which reverses the loss of skin elasticity. It is also an antioxidant which calms sensitive skin, whilst penetrating deep into the skin to improve tone and texture, and counteracts sun damage.

Me foraging for wild rosehips

Foraging for treasure

I love Autumn - all of its colours and richness. It's the time for gathering in the goodness and storing it up for Winter. Harvesting what we need to get through the dark days. There's something about picking berries which feels so right, I guess it connects with that part of us which has been doing that forever.

Rosehips on branches

It's so pleasing to go foraging in the hedgerows and then turn this bounty into medicine for the winter. Along with rosehip and elderberry syrups, which are full of vitamins to fight off colds and flu, we can also harness the goodness in rosehips to nourish and repair our skin, and protect it through the colder weather.

Foraging for wild rosehips

Rosehip oil recipe

Rosehip oil is easy and fun to make, so I'll share the recipe below:

  1. Gather as many rosehips as you like. It's best to collect them on a dry day so that you're not putting moisture into your oil.

  2. Place your rosehips in a glass jar and cover with oil. I like to use sweet almond oil for skin care. Using a stick blender, roughly blend the berries in the oil.

  3. Set your oven to the lowest temperature and put your jar in without its lid. Leave for a few hours, until the oil has turned red.

  4. Leave to cool, then strain through muslin. It's good to double strain the oil to make sure you remove all of the irritant hairs from the rosehips.

  5. Finally, seal your oil in a jar and it's ready to use! You can use it neat on your skin, or add it to creams and balms.

My rosehip oil products

Treat yourself to some top quality skincare this season. Try my ready-made rosehip oil and face creams.

Day Cream
Night cream

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